Design has many aspects and can be confusing as to what it entails. The following list is meant to give you a good idea not only of what we do regarding design, but to clarify terms so we can always be on the same page.

  • Branding is all about you, your product, your organization. It is how you convey as much as possible with a logo or typography. It will likely need to be scalable and adaptable for business cards and smartphones to displays as big as the side of a truck or billboard. A sample deliverable is a branding book. It gives guidelines and allows you to use your brand across multiple media while ensuring the designer’s and your original intent.
  • Graphic Design deals with how things look on a page, a screen, a billboard. It incorporates putting your content in the right place, with the right image, the right font, and the right color. All this while being consistent in what you’re trying to convey with your brand.
  • Illustrations are hand-drawn on paper or via direct input to a computer. They can be anything from part of a logo to pages that enhance your next novel. We have several illustrators we work with so that we can easily match artist style to client need.
  • UI/UX or User Interface/Experience design deals with how to properly format screens in applications, websites, etc. to make them as easy and intuitive to navigate as possible. This also involves serving those with special needs. We are happy to work with you to ensure the proper considerations are made for your audience.
  • Web Design takes all the principles of good graphic design and applies them strictly to a website or web interface. It means that we test designs on various screen sizes and web browsers. It also means we are mindful of keeping code clean, image file sizes small, and anything else we can do to ensure your site is engaging but still quick to load.